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A new type that incorporates the technology of 1940s-50s bespoke trousers but is set to an over-inch length, making it possible to wear it loosely by taking advantage of the characteristics of the fabric.

The threaded crochet on the side has the meaning of a side chapter. Combined with the delicate and heavy feel of the fabric, it becomes an easy trousers like never before.

The fabric is woven from fine 100 count hand-spun cotton thread in the warp thread, 10 threads in the weft thread, and 18 threads in a dense oxford pattern.

It is thick and durable, yet has a soft texture that can only be achieved by hand-woven fabric. This is a special fabric that requires time and effort, using the crochet technique, in which each thread is pulled out one by one and the weft threads are hand-embroidered to create a pattern similar to knitting.

waist Rise inseam Watari Hem width
M 102cm 40cm 70cm 34cm 21cm

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