<EASTFAREAST®> is, as the name suggests, a cut-and-sew brand secretly made by craftsmen in eastern Tokyo = eastern far east.

East Tokyo used to be a famous production area for knits (sweatshirts and knitwear) that produced all kinds of Japanese maison products. In 2018, a designer (not open to the public) with a background in architecture was born as a private project in order to preserve the craftsmanship of the few remaining craftsmen in East Tokyo.

All products use custom-made heavy ounce fabric that is uniquely spun and woven from yarn, and pursue universality as a product so that it can be used for a long time. On the other hand, details and silhouettes go beyond mere vintage imitations.

All <EASTFAREAST®> products are given a MODEL No. because we want them to be standard products. While all of them are standard models, each model has undergone minor modifications and continues to be updated with the aim of perfection.

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