EYEVAN started in 1972 with the concept of "glasses to wear" and expanded globally in 1985. EYEVAN's products have not faded even now, and you can feel the high level of skill of the producers and craftsmen and the imagination and strong enthusiasm of the design team at the time in the products and handwritten drawings.

In 2013, after about 40 years, a new design team took over the craftsmanship of EYEVAN, and EYEVAN 7285 is a collection of things that they think are truly beautiful.

The design sources of EYEVAN 7285 are various things such as old glasses, telescopes, hand mirrors, and other old tools collected by the original design team, as well as artificial objects such as buildings that the designer himself saw, and natural objects.

In addition, EYEVAN 7285 products are produced through a combined production process of manual work by skilled eyeglass craftsmen in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, which is one of the world's top eyeglass production areas, and machine-made using the latest machinery. The glasses, which are carefully made over a period of time through about 400 processes, are more modern crafts than industrial products.

* EYEVAN7285 is only available in stores, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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