About orders and shipping

I haven't received an order completion email. Has my order been placed?
If your order is successfully completed, we will send an "Order Completion Email (Automatically Sent)" to the email address you entered when placing the order. If you do not receive the email, please check your spam folder. We also recommend that you set up your email address to allow emails from the following addresses in advance.
Auto-send email address: info@pan-kanazawa.com
*It may take some time to send the email.
Can I change the size or color after placing my order?
Due to the specifications of our order system, we are unable to change the contents of an order once it has been confirmed. Please note that we are also unable to cancel orders due to customer reasons.
Can I cancel my order?
Please note that we cannot cancel orders due to customer convenience.
Can I send separate orders together?
Due to the specifications of our order system, we ship items by order number. We cannot send items with different order numbers together. Thank you for your understanding.
Please tell me about shipping.
■ Regularly sold products
- Products will be shipped within 2 business days after your order is confirmed or your payment is confirmed.

■Notes regarding shipping
・Delivery times may vary slightly depending on the delivery company's schedule, such as consecutive holidays, midyear gift-giving season, and year-end gift-giving season. Delivery times may also be delayed due to weather, traffic conditions, region, and other reasons.
・We will send you an email notifying you that your order has been shipped as soon as it has been delivered.
Please tell me about shipping costs.
Shipping costs are as follows:

For domestic shipping,
If the total price of the products is 11,000 yen or more (including tax)...free shipping
Please see the list below for shipping fees when the total price of your items is less than 11,000 yen.

Hokkaido: 1,200 yen
Aomori Prefecture: 900 yen
Iwate Prefecture: 900 yen
Miyagi Prefecture: 900 yen
Akita Prefecture: 900 yen
Yamagata Prefecture: 900 yen
Fukushima Prefecture: 900 yen
Ibaraki Prefecture: 900 yen
Tochigi Prefecture: 900 yen
Gunma Prefecture: 900 yen
Saitama Prefecture: 900 yen
Chiba Prefecture: 900 yen
Tokyo: 900 yen
Kanagawa Prefecture: 900 yen
Niigata Prefecture: 900 yen
Toyama Prefecture: 900 yen
Ishikawa Prefecture: 900 yen
Fukui Prefecture: 900 yen
Yamanashi Prefecture: 900 yen
Nagano Prefecture: 900 yen
Gifu Prefecture: 900 yen
Shizuoka Prefecture: 900 yen
Aichi Prefecture: 900 yen
Mie Prefecture: 900 yen
Shiga Prefecture: 900 yen
Kyoto Prefecture: 900 yen
Osaka Prefecture: 900 yen
Hyogo Prefecture: 900 yen
Nara Prefecture: 900 yen
Wakayama Prefecture: 900 yen
Tottori Prefecture: 900 yen
Shimane Prefecture: 900 yen
Okayama Prefecture: 900 yen
Hiroshima Prefecture: 900 yen
Yamaguchi Prefecture: 900 yen
Tokushima Prefecture: 900 yen
Kagawa Prefecture: 900 yen
Ehime Prefecture: 900 yen
Kochi Prefecture: 900 yen
Fukuoka Prefecture: 900 yen
Saga Prefecture: 900 yen
Nagasaki Prefecture: 900 yen
Kumamoto Prefecture: 900 yen
Oita Prefecture: 900 yen
Miyazaki Prefecture: 900 yen
Kagoshima Prefecture: 900 yen Okinawa Prefecture: 1,500 yen

In addition, shipping fees for overseas shipments will be automatically calculated based on the "weight of the product" and "shipping area."
Can you tell me about the delivery company?
Ordered items will be shipped via Sagawa Express or Japan Post.
*You cannot specify the shipping company.
Shipments to overseas destinations will be sent via EMS.

You can check the delivery status of your product in real time using the "Sagawa Express Parcel Inquiry Service" or "Postal Tracking Service - Japan Post" below. When checking, please have the "Parcel Inquiry Number" listed in the "Shipping Information" email sent to you after the product is shipped ready.
Sagawa Express parcel inquiry service: http://k2k.sagawa-exp.co.jp/p/sagawa/web/okurijoinput.jsp
Postal tracking service—Japan Post: https://trackings.post.japanpost.jp/services/srv/search/input
*You can also use it from your mobile phone.
Can I change the delivery address after placing an order?
It is possible to change the delivery address before the product is shipped. Please contact us using the inquiry form with your new delivery address information as shown below.

Order Number :
post code:
New address:

*If the product has already been shipped, we cannot accept any changes.
*Please check the shipping company and waybill number (tracking number) listed in the order completion email, and contact the shipping company's sales office to request a change of delivery address.


What is the payment method?
The following payment methods are available:
  • Credit card payment [VISA / Master card / AMEX / JCB]
  • Shop Pay
  • Amazon Pay
  • Pay Later (Paidy)
  • LINE Pay
  • PayPay
  • Merpay
  • Rakuten Pay
*Bank transfer is also available.
If you would like to pay by bank transfer, please contact us via Instagram DM or our email address (info@pan-kanazawa.com).
When will payment be made?
  • 【credit card】
    You will be charged once your order is confirmed.
  • [Pay Later (Paidy)]
    Each month, we will close the billing process at the end of the month and issue an invoice on the 1st of the following month. We will also notify you by email or SMS (short message) by the 3rd of the month.
    Payment methods include convenience store payment (via convenience store terminals), bank transfer, and direct debit.
    The payment due date is the 10th for convenience store payments and bank transfers. For direct debit payments, the payment will be debited on the 12th*. However, for January and May, the payment may be debited on the 20th*.
    Depending on the payment method, a fee will be charged for each monthly payment (billing). For convenience store payments, the fee is 356 yen (tax included), and for bank transfers, the transfer fee will be borne by the customer. For direct debit, no payment fee will be charged. Please be aware of this.
    *If a financial institution is closed on a certain day, the payment will be processed on the next business day.
    *As a result of paidy's review, you may not be able to use paidy next month payment depending on your credit limit.
    If you have any questions regarding Paidy services, please contact Paidy Customer Support.
    Reception hours: 10:00am - 6:00pm (weekdays only)
Can I change my payment method after completing my order?
Due to the specifications of our order system, we are unable to change your payment method once it has been confirmed. Thank you for your understanding.
There was an error while selecting your credit card.
If an error occurs and your payment is not completed, it may be due to one of the following reasons:
  • There is an error in the registration of card information (card number, security code, etc.)
  • Your card has expired
  • Payment refusal by card company
*As we are unable to identify the cause, please contact your card company for more details.

Returns and Exchanges

Can I return or exchange items?
As a general rule, we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to customer convenience. Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to initial defects only within 7 days after the product arrives. We will cover the shipping costs for defective products. Please be sure to check the condition of the product when you receive it.
If you wish to return or exchange an item, please be sure to fill in the "order number" and "product name" on the "Inquiry Form" and send it back.

[If we cannot accept returns or exchanges]
  • Defective products that have been delivered more than 7 days ago
  • Reasons such as the color, shape, and appearance of the product being different from what was expected
  • Reasons such as damage, scratches, or dirt on the packaging (excluding significant damage caused by issues during delivery, etc.)
  • Other cases where we determine that we cannot respond to your request.
Can I cancel my order?
Please note that, as a general rule, we cannot accept cancellations of orders due to customer convenience. In addition, we cannot accept cancellations of orders after preparation for shipment has begun.


Regarding other inquiries
Please contact us using the "Contact Us" form.