A print studio located in Brooklyn, New York.

Led by its leader Alex Dondro, it is made up of members from a variety of backgrounds, including artists, designers, and musicians, and functions as a hub for the New York creative community where a variety of people gather. In addition to producing prints for collection brands and artists such as Kanye West, Tom Sachs, and Lucian Smith, they also support New York's creative community by creating unique original items and hosting music events.

As a print studio, we handle printing for a wide range of brands, from various street to collection brands, and we receive consultation in a wide range of fields from apparel to business cards and objects, restaurant menus, and the production of art works.When it comes to silkscreens, we call LQQK Studio. It has established itself in NY.

As an apparel brand, it started around 2014 with items made exclusively for family members, and around 2015, pop-ups and merchandising began in earnest.While maintaining its own style, it has always been active in music and music venues in places like Tokyo and New York. We have been simultaneously developing art and holding pop-up events and parties.

For the 2023 fall/winter season, we will welcome Goro Nakatsugawa of MIN-NANO and Yoshimi Miyoshi of everyone as directors to kick off the collection.