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The fabric is woven in a dense oxford style using fine 100 count hand-spun cotton threads as warp threads, 10 weft threads (10 PLY) and 18 threads (18 PLY).

Unlike the typical khadi cotton, which is made of one or two strands, it is thick and durable, yet has a soft texture that is unique to hand-woven fabrics.

This is a special fabric that requires time and effort, using the crochet technique, in which each thread is pulled out one by one and the weft threads are hand-embroidered to create a pattern similar to knitting.

The model is a new model that has evolved by combining the UK Mailman JKT of the 1940s and 50s with the technology of the bespoke JKT of the same era. Combined with the delicate and heavy feel of the fabric, this is a JKT like never before.

Length Width shoulder width Sleeve Length
M 75cm 56cm 46cm 64cm

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