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Your son and your father.
father and son. and family. The sun still shines on me after 15 years.
The world through the lens was enough for me. Because I saw the light that illuminated me.

Man, it's been eight years since you left.
After the smoke disappeared into the sky, I began to look at the sky often. Birds, clouds, stars dancing in the night sky.

Having kids made me realize.
I understand a little bit of your path now that I didn't understand when I was 20.
I'm going to face it even more now and ask. what have you seen
At the same time, the scenery in front of me is beautiful. I came to think I have to look outside the frame.

The yellow curtain is still fluttering.

When the sun was setting, the yellow sun gently enveloped the red sun and set.

Jiro Konami, a photographer who is attracting attention from creators around the world in collaboration with many fashion brands, presents a full-fledged deluxe edition collection of works.

It is a culmination of the personal and sensitive works that I have been shooting for most of my career.