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A sweatshirt with a special dye.

Made using air-spun material.

This is a very complete piece that has been designed with a balance between the craftsman and the hole to create a crash.

Since the material prioritizes texture, initial stiffness is unavoidable, but we have added finishing touches to alleviate the stiffness.

The more you wear it, the more you'll get used to it.

Using the best materials, the pattern enhances the wearability, and the first-class processing has been applied to create a finish that stands out.

Dyed and crushed. Finally, after going through many steps to adjust the sex appeal, we were finally able to create the perfect depth.

*This product is limited to one purchase per person.

Length Width shoulder width Sleeve Length
1 64 64 56 63
2 66 66 58 65

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