Opened in 2003 along Fire Street in Shibuya.
Born in the 4th arrondissement of Paris in 1994, ANATOMICA sympathized with the style, and the brand identity was the history and tradition of European men's fashion, the pursuit of quality and functional beauty.
Even in the midst of the select shop boom at that time, ETS.MATERIAUX was a genius, but it closed its doors after about five years, regretted by many discerning customers.

In the spring of 2021, Ets.MATERIAUX made a new start as a brand under the direction of Keiji Kaneko, who was the buyer at the time.
Mr. Yuya Uta, the designer of "outil" and Mr. Keigo Murakami, the designer of "blurhms", are invited as designers.
Based on the concept of “healthy, comfortable, and relaxed,” the store traces the origins of the clothes you need today and redefines the essence of everyday wear.


“Transforming irreplaceable clothes for me into irreplaceable clothes for someone else”

We will announce the one-off label “SABA” for this work only.

Re-release focusing on that clothes that could not be a masterpiece or a masterpiece.

Born from the personal belongings of L'ECHOPPE concepter Keiji Kaneko,

A group of gem items produced by focusing on that clothing that could not be a masterpiece or a masterpiece.

There are no products in this collection yet