2022AW NICENESS 7th Delivery
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It's been a while since my blog.

I'm sorry that I haven't been able to update recently.

While there are many distribution tools such as Instagram and LINE, I would like to be able to convey useful things and things that are unique to blogs, but in the end I have not been able to get my hands on it...

We can't post as timely as INSTAGRAM or LINE here, but we would like to be able to make the content as deep as possible, so please take a look.

Today, we would like to introduce the "BODHI PAN EXCLUSIVE" that will be on sale this weekend.

First of all, from the introduction of "BODHI"



The ultimate everyday wear that coexists with nature.

As time progresses, humans have come to emphasize efficiency and convenience without realizing it.
After all, we humans are part of nature.
Now, I think we need to think again about “coexistence” with nature.

The important thing is to show respect for nature and think about sustainable manufacturing.
To transform the blessings of nature into warmth and comfort, and to bring happiness to everyone, from those who make them to those who wear them.

By maximizing the charm and characteristics of cashmere, we will create the ultimate daily wear that allows you to physically feel the blessings that the earth has given us.


BODHI is characterized by making things that use cashmere to the maximum.

Last season, we held an order event for Spring/Summer items in the form of a POP UP SHOP along with the inline development.

Designer Mr. Mizutani's talk was also very interesting,

Before I knew it, I had also made my BODHI debut. smile

Danced with the charm of BODHI's knitwear,

Also, during the fall/winter season last year, I wore BODHI knitwear once every two to three days.

BODHI's knitwear is so comfortable to wear that you can't help but pick it up.

Considering the price alone, I thought it was a luxury item, but most of the items are easy to use in everyday life and can be applied to various scenes and styling.

Considering how much you can use it, I don't think it was such an expensive purchase.

I asked BODHI to make a special order this time.

A pullover sweater that does not exist inline.


What happens when you add BODHI 's idea to the motif of a certain outdoor brand's masterpiece snap T ? I made it with such a theme.

And here is the finished

size: FREE
¥75,000 (¥82,500-TAX IN)

It is a piece that is put together in one tone of BLACK and stripped of unnecessary parts.

Just like BODHI's inline items, it has a simple finish with no logo or anything on the surface.

I had you make the first place according to the image.

The snap buttons and piping on the collar are all black.

The same goes for the piping on the cuffs and the switching part of the waist.

The chest pocket in the original has been eliminated, and pockets are placed under the armpits instead.

Finished to give a more solid impression.

An adjuster is attached to the hem, and the silhouette can be adjusted by squeezing it. It is also a great point that you can change it depending on how you wear it.

It is such a work, but introduce a little production background.

"I like snap T , but fleece is too casual and the occasions where I can wear it are limited."

There was an image of "I want to enjoy dressing according to the scene, both on and off".

It is true that the fleece used in regular snap T-shirts is warm and can be used roughly, but on the other hand, we tend to choose items that unexpectedly match with the casual color schemes and textures that are unique to outdoor brands.

Something like this.

This image is taken from the official website.

In that respect, it is made with BODHI 's cashmere knit to add quality.

By making it with knit instead of fleece, the feeling of being outdoors has disappeared, and I think it has become an atmosphere that can be worn both casually and formally.

In addition, the comfort when you actually wear it is exceptional.

This is unique to BODHI, which manufactures products using carefully selected materials.

Really light, soft and comfortable.

I think it's the kind of outfit that you'll want to wear every day.

The size is daringly available in FREE size.

I hope that people of all ages and genders will be able to pick it up.

⁡ Here are some styling images.

WOMEN: 167cm/FREE size

Wear it as a simple piece.

Even girls can wear it with a loose image.

It is recommended to adjust the length with the adjuster on the side.

Black nylon pants and one-tone styling are also decided in a good atmosphere.

MEN: 172cm/FREE size

A sweat hoodie is layered as an inner layer.

Because it is a simple design, it can also be used for casual styling that is closer to the street.

When it gets really cold, I feel like I want to put on a coat over this.

MEN:180cm/FREE size

It's a special appearance.

Chef Ume of respiración also cooperated.

Slightly formal styling with a layered striped shirt underneath.

The knit has a nice appearance and a beautiful impression, so I hope you can use it for dinner and business occasions.

The knit itself is not too thick, so I think it would be nice to wear a jacket over it.

That was the styling image.

It's a simple and easy-to-use "ultimate everyday wear", so please enjoy styling it in other ways.

The sale will start tomorrow, November 5th (Sat) at 12:00.

It will be sold at the store and PAN ONLINE STORE at the same time.

Mr. Mizutani, the designer, will be at the store tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, November 5th and 6th.

I don't think there is a chance to hear directly from the designer himself.

By all means, I hope that people in the area will actually pick it up and feel the charm of the product from various talks.