[NOCHINO OPTICAL] SAN SUI - #1 GLOSS BLACK × CLEAR to GREY (photochromic lens)

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A Boslington type that is slightly larger than the signature model NOCHINO .

A silhouette that is unisex and fits Westerners while being an Asian fit.

A high-mount fit that matches the majority of people by calculating the low nose, which is also a feature of Asians.

The crimped parts that connect the hinges are carefully polished one by one by skilled craftsmen until the very end using a finishing method called "togidashi", which is polished after being placed in plastic.

The 2-curve lens, which symbolizes the NOCHINO OPTICAL brand, has a beautiful curved surface that is neither flat nor a typical curved type, and has a remnant of the old hand-cut glass lens.

In addition, the lineup includes two versions of photochromic lenses that change color under UV , which is one of the brand's iconic points.

This is a dimming type that changes color from clear to gray.

The left temple has a brand icon with cloisonne polishing.