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We use ``Golden Silk,'' the highest quality silk thread that shines in golden color and is obtained from wild silkworms (WILDSILK) that live in the Assam region of India, which is known as the ``Jewel of Silk.''

The yarn is light, strong, and porous, and its natural functionality, such as temperature regulation and UV protection, is also attractive.

The model is based on a 1950s souvenir shirt, and is made into a very elaborate shirt with hand embroidery patterns created by Indian craftsmen.

The original floral pattern is created by combining flowers that can only be found in Japan and India. An unprecedented souvenir shirt that combines the feel of the finest silk with detailed hand embroidery by Indian craftsmen, as the name of the MADE BY HAND series suggests.

Length Width shoulder width Sleeve Length
M 70cm 62cm 56cm 59cm
L 72cm 65cm 55cm 60cm

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