PAN 2nd Anniversary

2022AW NICENESS 7th Delivery

Thank you for using PAN.

Today, February 11th (Saturday), we will celebrate the 2nd anniversary of our opening.

We would like to thank everyone who visits our shop every day to celebrate our 2nd anniversary.

Thanks to all of you who have been shopping through the online store in the distance.

thank you very much.

In commemoration of the second anniversary of PAN,

MIN -NANO director Goro Nakatsugawa and graphic designer SHINKNOWNSUKE , who creates a pop worldview with humor and a slightly twisted perspective, created a special piece for our shop only .




¥7,000 ( ¥7,700-TAX IN )

Below is a message from Mr. Goro Nakatsugawa.

-------------------------------------------------- --

The UM Drip Tee produced by Upperlakemob to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of PAN was made with the motif of Ishikawa prefecture where PAN is located.

I think that the motif is unexpectedly lying around the neighborhood, so please take a walk and find it.

-------------------------------------------------- --

The body is a familiar piece from the usual MIN-NANO.

The silhouette has not changed, so I think it would be nice if you could roughly wear it in your preferred size.

We have a wide range of size variations from M to XXL, so it is a piece that can be picked up by many people regardless of age or gender .

Here is a wearing image.


168cm⁡/Wearing size L


167cm/M size wearing


172cm/XL size wearing

A piece of design full of humor born from ideas unique to the two of you.

I am very happy that the design of PAN , which was made with the motif of Ishikawa Prefecture , has a special feeling.

The season to go out with just one short sleeve is still ahead,

I would be happy if you could pick it up while imagining the coming warm season.

We also have SBQ bandanas limited to our store at the store, so

We will definitely recommend you to visit us.

In addition, the “PAN 2nd Anniversary Party” will be held at comer from 18:00 on Saturday, February 11th.

A wonderful cast of upperlake mob, FUTOSHI SUGIKI ( FUDGEUPNOTHING ), kiwi , isioo , and K3N excited us with their selected sounds.

Comer 's signature delicious tapas and 30 different natural wines will add color to your special evening.

It will be held from 18:00 to 25:00, so please feel free to come by.

I hope you all have a great night.

The next day, February 12th ( Sun ) , the two members of Upperlakemob will be at the PAN store.

Following the flow from the PAN 2nd Anniversary Party the day before, please come on the 12th.

UM DRIP TEE” will be on sale at PAN ONLINE STORE from 20:00 on Sunday, February 12th.

If you are far away, please use it.

We are looking forward to your visit and use.