Last week was pretty hot, and it was pretty tough.

I also don't expect temperatures over 35 degrees in September in Kanazawa.

As expected, it was too hot, so I pulled out the closed T-shirts and put them on.

This week, I feel like we're finally getting out of those days and getting close to a climate where we can enjoy autumn clothes.

More and more people are picking up autumn items such as long T-shirts and sweatshirts at stores.

This weekend,

The first item that will be a souvenir item for PAN will be on sale.

¥18,700-TAX IN

We will release CREW NECK SWEAT which will be completely EXCLUSIVE from SOUND SHOP BALANSA , which is very popular in our shop .

The design is based on the original brand logo on the front and back, which is highly popular among BALANSA.

There, " Kanazawa " , the location of our store, is printed where " Busan " , the location of the brand, is usually printed.

In addition, since Kanazawa and other place names have already been developed in other bespoke orders, the SHOP name is designed on the left sleeve to create an even more EXCLUSIVE feeling.

The left sleeve is embroidered for a luxurious finish.


173cm/large size


167cm/M size

Now available as a special order in 2 colors , ASH GRAY and NAVY , which are highly popular among men and women of all ages .

⁡I wanted to create a color that can be used on a daily basis, regardless of the person who wears it, so I created it with these two colors.

I personally think that ASH and NAVY are colors that have a casual impression, but also have a slightly elegant and beautiful impression.

Moreover, even in the next season, these two colors are the colors that I can't get enough of, and I often pick them up thinking, "I might wear this."

The body uses 100% cotton fleece sweatshirt.

Most in-line models use a fleece-lined body made of polyester, but we chose a 100% cotton fleece-lined body.

With just the right amount of weight, it's a nice body that you'll definitely wear all year round.

The silhouette is also slightly wider, and the length is not that long.

A relaxing silhouette with a strong presence even by itself.

We have prepared a wide range of sizes from M to XL , so you can choose how you want to wear it.

On sale tomorrow, September 10th (Sat) at 12:00.

Simultaneous sales start at stores and online stores.

A piece with a souvenir feeling that can only be picked up at our store.

Of course, local people who have patronized PAN on a daily basis,

For those who come from Kanto or Kansai for sightseeing, it will be a great souvenir of Kanazawa.

(If you can't make it to the store, please do so online!)

This is a must-have item for any season, so we recommend it with confidence.

We also had a lot of arrivals this weekend, so we are waiting for you with lots of new arrivals at both the store and online store.