Born from the personal belongings of L'ECHOPPE concepter Keiji Kaneko, From what I could neither sell nor throw away, For those clothes that could not be a masterpiece or a...


There are two consecutive holidays in September, and as long as people who have consecutive holidays are enviable.

In preparation for the first weekend of the 3-day weekend, we continue to receive a rush of 22FW from each brand.

In such a way, this time we will pick a brand that we would like to introduce in particular.

Its name is “SABA”.

“Transforming irreplaceable clothes for me into irreplaceable clothes for someone else”
We will announce the one-off label “SABA” for this work only.
We will focus on those clothes that could not become masterpieces or masterpieces and re-release them.

Born from the personal belongings of L'ECHOPPE concepter Keiji Kaneko,

From what I could neither sell nor throw away,

For those clothes that could not be a masterpiece or a masterpiece,

Produced with focus.

In this day and age, the two-time distribution is also popular, and if you want to sell it, you may end up with a damaged item,

An era where you can sell anything even if there is no brand name.

Even so, isn't there something special about what's left in my hand?

Could it be just as special for someone else?

Especially if Mr. Kaneko, who has a discerning eye, thinks so.

Basically, we make clothes based on the clothes that Mr. Kaneko owns, and we have a lineup that changes only with the use of fabrics without tampering with the design too much.

At our shop, we offer jackets, vests, hooded vests,

We have 6 types of high neck knit, over pants, and denim pants .

col: BROWN
¥72,000 ( ¥79,200-TAX IN )

The material is wool from Black Welsh Mountain and White Welsh Mountain that live in Wales, England.

A tailored jacket with a balanced atmosphere that makes the overall impression reminiscent of old imported items.

An item that was born from the idea that it would be nice to come out with second-hand clothes that are likely to be possible but not surprising.

col: BROWN
¥40,000 ( ¥44,000-TAX IN )

The vest is based on a vintage leather jerkin vest from the British Army.

It is a large herringbone sustainable fabric that uses the warp White Welsh Mountain and weft Black Welsh Mountain yarns in their natural colors without dyeing.

col: BLACK
¥95,000 ( ¥104,500-TAX IN )

⁡ Based on the Smocks Jacket used by the British Airborne Forces, this item has been arranged and improved to make it easier to wear.

The material is a ripstop fabric with thick hemp threads cut into squares on a cotton-based base fabric.

While retaining the size of the original, this item has been upgraded with materials.

¥54,000 ( ¥59,400-TAX IN )

Knit with a design that changes the pattern of a vintage Aran sweater into a border shape.

It has an oversized and powerful turtleneck, and the wide body and long length make it an attractive silhouette that cannot be found anywhere else.

I adopt Shetland wool with the elasticity.


col: GRAY
¥63,000 ( ¥69,300-TAX IN )

Conceptor Mr. Kaneko's personal item based on Dutch military overpants.

A unique item with luxurious specifications while adopting a Velcro front design that is faithful to the original.

We try to make the best use of the texture of the woven raw fabric as much as possible without using ordinary processing to create a texture.

¥27,000 ( ¥29,700-TAX IN )

Based on the 1947XX model, it has a straight silhouette that is gentle from the waist to the crossover width.

A specification that allows you to adjust the silhouette with the buckle belt on the back.

The DENIM fabric is also conscious of the 1947XX model, and the warp is slightly twisted, and the weft is softly twisted selvedge material, and one wash is applied.

The above is a fairly quick introduction, but it is a lineup that I would like you to see the actual ones.

It will be a full lineup with this 1st delivery and the next 2nd delivery.

There aren't many in quantity, and there aren't many opportunities to pick it up, so

If you have time, please visit our store.

Many items have arrived from other brands for the three consecutive holidays.

There are some products that have not been introduced yet, so be sure to visit the store!

I'm looking forward to seeing you again here.