Shermer Academy Pan Exclusive Nylon Stadium JKT

Good evening, Miyagishi.

There are days when the temperature rises and I think it's already summer,

There are days when the wind is cold and I think it's still in the middle of spring.

These days, the weather is not very clear.

Today, we would like to introduce you to the products that will go on sale from tomorrow.




The concept is a design that creates a nostalgic mood that rekindles forgotten emotions.

Imagining when the late actor River Jude Phoenix , who was a role model for the designer, was in high school, he used magazines, music and movies from the 1980s and early 90s as design sources . making clothes.

Additionally, the brand's signature arch logo is inspired by The Viper Room , a nightclub in West Hollywood, USA, where Phoenix unfortunately died of a drug overdose .


Although our shop started handling from 22SS, this brand is already very popular with many fans.

This time, based on the award jacket that is very popular even at SHERMER ACADEMY, we have made a bespoke product that will be sold exclusively at PAN.




¥32,000 ( ¥35,200-TAX IN )

Available in 2 colors: BURGUNDY, which has a retro and classical impression, and BLACK, which has a solid and timeless charm .

BURGUNDY has a slightly smoky color reminiscent of the American casual of yesteryear, and the impression that it fits well with the brand image of Shermer Academy.

On the other hand, BLACK is not often produced for inline items, and I think it is a challenging color that has never been seen before because of its simplicity and sophistication.

As for the material, we use a thin light nylon material, assuming that it will be used from this time of year. Since it is not lined, it is just the right piece to wear over a T -shirt as if it were a shirt.

The biggest highlight is the back design with a strong presence.

The design is embroidered using different colors for each letter, creating a powerful atmosphere.

The color choice is also excellent.

In addition, the brand logo on the front and the cuffs are all embroidered, which is a masterpiece.

Here is an image of the actual wear.

172cm, wearing size L

167cm, wearing size L

The jacket itself has a presence, so it is recommended to match it with a simple T-shirt and denim.

The material is quite thin, so it's easy to put on and take off on the go, and it's convenient to carry.

There aren't many variations of light outerwear that can be worn at this time of year, so there aren't many people who own a blouson like this one.

A nostalgic atmosphere unique to Shermer Academy.

It will be on sale at stores and online stores from 12:00 on Sunday , April 17th .

It is available in limited quantity. Please take a look before it's gone.