[refomed], which I have introduced in my previous blog. Thankfully, there are many items that have been well received by many people in stores and have sold out quickly. Since...


[refomed], which I have introduced in my previous blog.

Thankfully, there are many items that have been well received by many people in stores and have sold out quickly.

Since it is still a new brand that started from 20AW, we would like to introduce it again today so that you can know the world view of the brand again.

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“What the designer himself has experienced and seen from his childhood to the present”

We propose products that mix military wear, work wear, and traditional costumes, mainly " work clothes " , and design them with the meaning of making one type .

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The refomed designer is Yoshiki Ando.

Designer Ando's grandfather is a plasterer, and he is inspired by the work clothes and the scenery of the worksite that he has seen in his daily life since he was a child.

When I hear words such as plastering craftsmen and sites,

I think that most people have a strong sense of work and have a masculine image.

However, refomed items are not the usual ones,

Somewhere there is a sophisticated image, a feeling of air.

Although there are parts based on work and military in each item,

It doesn't look too unfashionable, and it has a sophisticated feel.

I create very well balanced items.

Even if you look at LOOK, I think you can somehow convey the image.

We have just received the perfect item for this season from such reformed, so let's introduce it.




¥35,200-TAX IN

An open collar shirt with a wrist patch, inspired by the fact that the inside of the arm tends to get scratched and dirty during field work.

The material uses super100s wool flannel.

It is a material that takes advantage of the elegant luster and supple feeling of super100s.

172cm/wearing size 3

It features a fairly wide silhouette with dropped shoulders.

The 4 tucks casually taken on the back create a more voluminous silhouette.

The silhouette is actually quite roomy, but the length is not that long, so even if it is oversized, it has a well-balanced silhouette.

The armholes are also wide enough to be close to the outerwear, so it can be worn over a sweatshirt or knit.

As I play an active part as both a shirt and an outer,

It's nice to be able to use it in a wide range of seasons.

The four rubber pockets attached to the front with bias are also characteristic.

This is an iconic detail of the brand, and I think it's a very interesting point.

I also took a video of this item, so please take a look.

Click here for matching pants⇩




¥24,200-TAX IN

KNICKERBOCKERS who is synonymous with refomed.

It features a fairly large and wide silhouette.

These pants have a very strong presence, and many people fall in love with their silhouette once they wear them.

The waist has a 2-tuck design, and the body is relaxed from the knee to the hem, and the Knickerbocker has a sharp taper.

It has a unique wide tapered silhouette with straps and 4 tucks attached to the hem.

The gathering condition of the hem is also exquisite, and this loose atmosphere is insanely good.

By all means, we would like you to enjoy the drastic oversize.

While leaving work detail on the side.

The fabric is made of Katsuragi, which is woven with thick threads both vertically and horizontally, and the texture of the material is finished with a bulging texture due to the processing of the fabric.

The one wash reduces the hardness and makes it soft and comfortable to wear.

172cm/wearing size 3

This is a standard item that is made every season, but it is very popular and often sold out.

I hope that you will give it a try so that you can get to know the world of the brand.

Finally, here




¥17,600-TAX IN

Baseball tee using a soft material like knit. It is a garment with a distinctive color scheme on the sleeves and body.

173cm/wearing size 3

The material used is a knit-like material knitted with an old rare low-gauge machine.

The slowly knitted fabric is tumbled, giving it a fluffy and soft texture.

It's very comfortable to wear and very comfortable to wear.

The long sleeves look nice even when rolled up.

Since it is a BASEBALL SHIRT, there are no ribs on the sleeves, and the armholes are wide, so it looks good to be layered like LOOK.

Outerwear and knitwear are scheduled to arrive in the refomed items in the future.

There are still more interesting items coming in, so we will introduce them on the BLOG and Instagram.

Refomed is a notable brand that has a very good atmosphere and will continue to keep an eye on it.

If you are interested, please try it.