PAN 2022 Autumn/Winter Start

It's the middle of August, and the world is in the midst of the Obon holidays.

This year, due to the calendar, there are 6 consecutive holidays, and the longer one is 14 consecutive holidays (I envy you...)

Of course, we're busier than you when you're on vacation.

In particular, there are many brands that start their AW collections during the Obon period in August.

I am sending you a busy Obon.

Originally, it would be nice if I could introduce them in order on Instagram etc.

There are products that leave without even having time to introduce them (thank you very much!!)

I can't seem to introduce everything right away, so

I would like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce our new products.

Some brands have already started collections,

I hope to be able to introduce them at a later date!

Let's start with the latest arrivals!

[NOMA td]

For the 22AW season, we have selected jackets with a landscape pattern, checkered shirts and sweaters with a grunge feel, centering on the HAND DYED series, which has been well received every season.

A fresh collection that combines NOMA td's unique textiles with various wears such as sweatshirts, knitwear, and shirts.

We also have a challenging selection that shows our colors more than the previous seasons.

HAND DYED sweat set up for 1st Delivery,

Borderon TEE that was often used in LOOK this season,

Ombre check flannel shirts with beautiful color schemes have arrived.

The size is already missing, and there is one item left.

Please take a look at it as soon as possible.


[Ernie Palo]

The 22AW season, edition 04., has a lineup of many items with clean and neutral coloring that catches the eye.

There are many items that can be worn by unisex, and we have selected many items that we would like women to pick up.

In 1st Delivery, we make it as a standard every season, and it is very popular in our store.

STANDARD SHIRT and (Already sold out colors are also available.)

Basic items such as sweatshirts and mock neck L/S tees with the brand's classic "E" logo are in stock.

Because it is a standard item of the brand,

For those who haven't picked it up yet, as an opportunity to know the world view of the brand,

If you already have one, I would appreciate it if you could pick up a new one as the start of this season.

In addition, this area has also arrived from "ISNESS MUSIC".

Instagram and ONLINE STORE will be updated from time to time.

Various other products are in stock.

We hope that you will visit our store and see the 22AW items as soon as possible.

We look forward to your visit.