It's been a pretty hot day.

How is everyone doing?

In July, the red letters are starting to stand out in various shops in the city.

Yes, it's SALE time.

PAN will also be holding a sale tomorrow, Saturday, July 2nd.

The store will start at 12:00 OPEN,

The ONLINE STORE is scheduled to start at 21:00 on the same day.

We don't have a specific period, but while we have many popular items, most of them have very little stock,

There is no doubt that it will be first come, first served.

There are items that usually don't go on sale,

We are planning to prepare full of highlights.

As there are sale items only in stores,

If you have any brands or products you are interested in,

Please feel free to contact us by DM or phone.

From summer items that can be used right now to items that can be used all season,

Because it is abundantly available,

I would appreciate it if you could take a look at it.

Please enjoy shopping at PAN on weekends.


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