From today, it's GW in the world. The longest one is about 10 consecutive holidays, so I'm I think there are various things such as going on a trip...


Good evening to all blog viewers.

This is Miyagishi.

From today, it's GW in the world. The longest one is about 10 consecutive holidays, so I'm

I think there are various things such as going on a trip or spending time in the local area.

We hope that everyone can enjoy shopping even a little.

"GW FAIR" will be held at PAN stores and online stores during the GW period from April 29th (Friday) to May 8th (Sunday) .


・If you spend ¥5,000 or more at the store, you will receive an original blended coffee from the coffee stand "BBBg" within the PAN.

(For those who don't like coffee, other drinks are also available.)

We use our original roasted blend for coffee.

Based on Ethiopian mocha, it features a refreshing and rich taste,

It is very popular as it is easy to drink even for those who are not good at coffee.

We would like you to enjoy delicious coffee while shopping and experience shopping unique to PAN .

・Free shipping for purchases over ¥5,000 at PAN ONLINE STORE.

(Regular period is free shipping for orders over ¥20,000)

During the GW period, many people may not have time to go shopping because they have a lot of plans such as going out with their families.

I want to buy T-shirts, small items, and many other things for the summer, but mail-ordering small items is a waste of shipping costs.

I think there are people like that.

Therefore, during the GW period, we will hold a campaign like this so that you can easily use the ONLINE STORE .

Shipping is free for orders over ¥5,000, so we hope you will use the PAN ONLINE STORE for even small purchases such as T-shirts, caps, and shoes.

In addition, we have a lot of hot new items that can be used until the coming hot summer, so we will introduce some of them.




¥6,800 ( ¥7,480-TAX IN )



¥6,800 ( ¥7,480-TAX IN )



¥6,800 ( ¥7,480-TAX IN )



¥7,500 ( ¥8,250-TAX IN )



¥7,500 ( ¥8,250-TAX IN )

The body is an inside-out specification that prints the T -shirt inside out.

With a wide width and short length, you can create a good atmosphere with just one piece.

After all, the print on the front is effective, and I hope you can choose your favorite word.

The packaging is unique to this brand.

Two patterns of 12 -inch record package and radio-cassette case that can store 15 cassette tapes.

It looks like it's good to decorate your room.

A playful series that is popular every year.

Some types are already sold out, so if you're interested, hurry up!

Next is

-Products for Land and Water made by SPEEDO-

" PHEENY" is a very popular women's brand that creates clothes that catch your eye, with the concept of " Street.Clean.Relax".

Realized in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of PHEENY ,

Triple collaboration of PHEENY × Product Twelve × speedo .

Combining speedo 's high-performance fabric with Product Twelve 's functional design, I play an active part as not only the beach and the pool but also a town use Released a total of 3 types of clothing and bags .

This is a women's main item that PAN has rarely handled so far.

It's not only good design, but it's also functional, and it's a dress that you can use in various situations for the coming summer.

Land and water UV top


¥14,000 (¥15,400-TAX IN)

A long-sleeved top made from a nylon material " Sensitive " that is both beautiful and comfortable to wear . The sleek boat neck and generous bodice and sleeves make it possible to cover your body shape.

As it is short length, it is a style up effect. Even if you wear it underwater, the waist ribs fit your body gently and prevent the hem from rolling up. With UV cut function.

Wear it over a swimsuit as a rash guard, bring it on a chilly plane, or use it as a countermeasure against air conditioning in the summer.

It is a multiplayer that can be used in various ways from town use to leisure scenes.

Land and water shorts


¥18,000 ( ¥19,800-TAX IN )

Half pants that can be used not only at the pool and beach, but also for town use.

The inner is a shorts type with a good fit, pursuing comfort when worn. The cuffs are sewn with crimping to reduce stress on the skin when you move your legs.

The bag cloth of the pocket adopts a mesh material in consideration of water drainage.

A gusset is added to the inner thighs to make it easier to open the legs.

This material is also used in competitive swimwear, and is lightweight, water-repellent, and has UV functionality.

This is a unisex item, so men are also welcome.

Waterproof sacoche


¥8,000 ( ¥8,800-TAX IN )

2WAY specification of drawstring type and diagonal hanging type .

Uses waterproof material. Waterproof specifications with seam tape crimped on the seams.

It has been treated to be water repellent, so it is safe to put wet swimsuits and towels after wearing it.

This is also a unisex item.

Small size and easy to use.

It seems to be very useful when going to the sauna. If you are in the sauna, come on! !

And finally, here's what's on sale tomorrow.




size: 7 1/4, 7 3/8, 7 1/2, 7 5/8

¥8,000 (¥8,800-TAX IN)

*BlackEyePatch products are not sold at the ONLINE STORE. For product inquiries, please contact us by DM.

A popular collaboration item by BlackEyePatch and New Era , which was sold out immediately when it arrived last time.

A 6 -panel cap with a B emblem on the front and an embroidered brand logo on the back.

The switching between black and navy gives a chic impression, making it a gem that is easy to incorporate into everyday styling.

I'm sure this will be a competition, so if you're interested, don't miss it...

And so, I would like to introduce some recommended products.

However, we have a lot of recommended products that have not been introduced yet for GW.

During the GW period, we plan to update new products one after another both in-store and online.

Please check it out.

We hope you will enjoy shopping at PAN this GW.

Thank you.