"NN Original Chino"

This time we would like to introduce the washable chino series using "NN original chino". This series had a particularly striking atmosphere in the NICENESS 22SS collection. PAN has prepared...


Good evening, Miyagishi.

Today I would like to talk about the new NICENESS products that will be on sale from tomorrow.

This time we would like to introduce the washable chino series using "NN original chino".

This series had a particularly striking atmosphere in the NICENESS 22SS collection. PAN has prepared a full lineup as a recommendation for this season.

Anoraks have arrived first, and coats, chinos, and caps made of the same material will arrive at a later date. (Caps will arrive early next week, coats next weekend, and chinos around the weekend after next...)

Start with LOOK.



A multinational anorak created using a luxurious original Suvincino in a design that combines the British smock, French smock, and American anorak of the 40s.

This is a unique outfit with an atmosphere like no other.






¥77,000 (¥84,700-TAX IN)

Now let's take a look at the materials used in this series.

What is "NN Original Chino"?

Below is an excerpt from the brand.


India's finest cotton, which is thin, long and soft, is made by combining Indian-origin Sujata cotton with Sea Island cotton, which is called the " jewel of textiles. " The silky and supple touch is addictive.

The suvin used at NICENESS this time is the first-picked raw material, so it has a high degree of purity. High quality cotton.

What we aimed for at NICENESS was a material that retains its luster even after 100 years , like French moleskin from the 20s to 30s .

This fabric was developed with the idea that newness will be born from the process by aiming for a fabric that can be worn roughly like American chino while reproducing the luster of the good raw materials .

By washing with the product, the fabric is even more packed, so while maintaining a luxurious feel, it has a natural wrinkled feel and a relaxed texture, making it a comfortable item to wear. I got it.





The use of first-picked Subin cotton gives it a luxurious luster,

Plump like moleskin, solid finish.

In addition, it is supple and soft to the touch, making it extremely comfortable to wear.

I wonder if it's the "Chino's highest peak" that can be called the best.

In addition, by washing it, it creates a natural wrinkled feel and gives it a vintage look.

I'm looking forward to wearing it hard and finishing it as my own.



The commitment to detail using leather parts is also a masterpiece.

Washable leather is also used, and it has a nice texture that goes well with chino.

Niceness 1

(Wearing 172cm/M size)

Niceness 2

Niceness 3

Niceness 4

The cuffs are also lined with leather, so it is recommended to wear it rolled up.

Niceness 5

Personally, I think that one-tone styling is cool for BLACK.

I feel like I want to match it with slacks or cargo pants of the same color.

Of course, it is a big favorite to match with the chino pants that will come later.


I think that BEIGE should be worn with natural colors such as white.

This series is insanely cool without flattery.

Depending on the situation, I'm also aiming to get it.

When you wear it, you will know how good it is, so I hope you can feel it.

I hope that you will enjoy not only the anorak, but also the coats, chinos, and caps that will come later, and enjoy the entire lineup!

Besides, this week



NICENESS classic leather items and



The LIMITED series that disappeared early last time is also in stock.

If you are interested, please check it out at the store or ONLINE STORE this weekend.

(Online posting is scheduled for 20:00 on March 5th.)