2022AW NICENESS 7th Delivery

It's getting colder and colder this week.

Now that the temperature has dropped, new items from NICENESS have arrived at the perfect timing.

2022AW NICENESS is also the final stage.

This week's delivery items will be items that I personally liked at the exhibition (maybe it would be more correct to say that I was surprised), so I hope you enjoy them.

Please see them in order.

¥97,900-TAX IN

A cold weather hoodie developed with a unique interpretation of a British smock from the 1940s and an American mountain hoodie.

The hood has a detachable double zip-up design, and if the hood is removed, it can also be worn as a half-zip smock.

It is a mysterious item that creates shadows in a three-dimensional pattern because it is a two-color fabric with a subtle color scheme that changes the color of the weft.

Here is a wearing image.

wearing staff

172cm/M size wearing

When the hood is removed, the collar can be left standing or folded to create a nice atmosphere.

It seems that the opening condition of the zip can also be changed.

The fabric is quite stiff, enough for the jacket to stand on its own.

However, if you wear it repeatedly, you will get used to it, and it will become softer and more comfortable.

Tell us a little more about this fabric.

Fabric is "EX Cold Weather"

It is a fabric choice that is unique to NICENESS.

This fabric is the first in Japan to be authorized as a regular production factory for military uniform fabrics, and the fabric production is requested to a factory that has long delivered "water resistant clothing" to the Japan Self-Defense Forces and the Japan Coast Guard after the war.

Using the "super water repellent fabric" produced by this Japan's proud technology, it was produced with a modern sense of NICENESS.

What is this "superhydrophobicity"?

By using 100% Egyptian Giza cotton and increasing the number of threads to the maximum, the fabric expands when the fabric is soaked in water, making it impervious to water.

The reason why it is called "super water repellent fabric" is its high water pressure resistance.

British VENTAIL, which is world-famous for its water-repellent fabric, has a water pressure resistance of about 700mm to 800mm.

The super water-repellent fabric that Japan boasts has a high water resistance of "900mm or more".

(Reference: Umbrella is about 200mm, highly water repellent coat is 300mm)

Because it uses 100% Giza cotton, it also has high moisture permeability.

Not only does it repel water, but it also allows sweat and water vapor inside the clothes to escape, making it extremely comfortable.

From its basic functions, it is a material that retains essential characteristics in various fields such as firefighters, weather observers, and surgeons.

It's a little longer, but

It is a material that is quite special and quite functional.

I wonder if there are any other apparel brands that use this kind of material.

A hunting coat using this material will also be available in the future, so I hope you will pick it up.


col: NAVY
¥149,600-TAX IN

NN oversized JKT that is a classic but continues to evolve every season.

This season, we have reconsidered the overall silhouette and created a new silhouette with a slightly narrower waist.

The pattern of the shoulders and the swing of the sleeves has been repeatedly fine-tuned, and the perfection has been pursued.

The fabric is a double melton fabric that is densely woven using ultra-fine thread Super 120s.

In addition to the smooth and thick fabric made from ultra-fine threads, this JKT has a new sensation taste that is hand-made by craftsmen one by one by sewing together tweezers.

¥49,500-TAX IN

This is the Khadi shirt that was sold out immediately at the 1st DELVERY of this season.

It's only a small amount, but thanks to the kindness of the brand, we've restocked it.

Khadi fabric, which is hand-spun fine cotton yarn, which is procured in small quantities from India, is used with a traditional handmade woodcut print that has been used in South India for many years.

The unique unevenness and fading are textures unique to traditional handicrafts. The model is a French dress shirt and a new model designed by unraveling the history of Italian bespoke dress shirts.

The three-dimensional construction that dwells in the details makes use of the old tradition, but combined with the texture of the fabric, it has a new look.

I tried to match the jacket and shirt.

wearing staff

172cm / Wearing size M for both jacket and shirt

The jacket is long and can be worn like a coat.

By making fine adjustments to the silhouette from this season, it has become a beautiful silhouette that is not too over-the-top while maintaining a relaxed feel.

The cadi shirt, which is characterized by its light and soft comfort, is made of 100% cotton, so it can be worn all year round depending on how you wear it.

It looks like it's good to insert a turtleneck in the inner for the upcoming season.

It is also recommended to roll up the cuffs of the jacket and adjust the volume.

Although it is a melton fabric, it is very soft and light to wear.

It's much easier to wear than it looks in the picture,

I hope that you will be surprised when you pick it up. smile

Finally, here

¥16,500-TAX IN

The brand's first archive book from "NICENESS".

This hardcover book, bound with the brand's original fabric, includes campaign visuals, lookbooks, and product images for the SS22 and AW22 collections.

Limited to 150 copies, we have prepared a very small amount at our shop.
A special sacoche that fits this assorted book is also included.

The reason I fell in love with NICENESS was one look from a certain season.

At that time, there was no store nearby that handled it, so I couldn't see the actual product.

I remember being curious about that LOOK item and buying it online from a store far away.

Since then, I've been following NICENESS LOOK every season without fail, and every time there's something that sticks in my heart.

In particular, the campaign visual by “PICZO” released at the start of this season has a great atmosphere.

“PICZO” is a Japanese photographer based in London who works mainly for fashion magazines.

With a visual that goes beyond the boundaries of the season, with items from SS and AW,

“just good is good”

I think it is a proposal that can be realized because NICENESS continues to make items with attention to detail.

This season marks the 10th season since the debut of 2018SS.

In the future, it will be a book produced for the purpose of recording collections and creatives.

When NICENESS items will be treated as VINTAGE years and decades from now.

I can look back. I hope you can pick it up as one such book.

As a NICENESS fan, I would recommend it.

In addition, "a certain thing" related to this season's theme "Flower Takes A Trip" is also attached, which is a point that will tickle your heart as a fan.

Please look forward to those who have this in hand.

That's it for this week's NICENESS delivery items.

This product will be available for sale at the online store from 12:00 on 10/15 (Sat.).

We have already started selling at the store, and we can answer the details of the product by DM, so

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

Please enjoy shopping at the store and online store.