When the rainy season ends, it means summer, Ladies and gentlemen, the number of summer clothes has increased in earnest. Both locals and tourists in the city I often see...


A lot of customers came to the store from last weekend,

Also, purchase at the online store

Thank you very much.

Of course, the sale items we prepared from last week,

To the new items that arrived at the same time,

I am really happy that many people have picked it up.

We will continue to release new products and add sale items.

We hope you will continue to use it.

Come to think of it, the rainy season has ended nationwide.

There were few days when it actually rained this year,

The rainy season is over! It was a strange feeling, but...

When the rainy season ends, it means summer,

Ladies and gentlemen, the number of summer clothes has increased in earnest.

Both locals and tourists in the city

I often see people dressed in a T-shirt and shorts.

Sandals are good when it's this hot,

I want to match it with shorts! And many people are looking for new sneakers.

At such a timing, new products from that brand that everyone loves are arriving one after another.

col: GRAY
¥30,800-TAX IN

The long-awaited MADE IN USA product number from NEW BALANCE!

Moreover, speaking of NEW BALANCE, the 990 series!

It's a pretty happy arrival.

Known as "V5"

It is the fifth generation of the 990 series.

A high-tech look with a simple and clean impression, but also a sense of the near future.

Overwhelming comfort and stability using TPU parts.

I personally think that there is no other sneaker that beats the 990 V5 around here.

Many people already have V5,

I think many people are waiting for the release of the 6th generation "V6", which has been leaked to be released soon.

(Although it is said that it will be released, it is actually postponed repeatedly ...)

However, when V6 is actually released, the distribution of V5 will be considerably less,

I think it will be difficult to get it next time I want to buy it.

At that time, I came to understand the goodness of V5 again,

I think that attachment will also spring up,

For replacement by purchase or for future stock,

We recommend that you pick it up.

When paired with shorts, the voluminous feel is exquisite.

As it is simple, I do not choose the styling either.

The cushion is also insanely good, so it's the best even in the travel scene where you walk for a long time.

Since this is already on sale and there are only a few left,

Please check it out as soon as possible!


This will be released tomorrow, July 9th (Saturday)

¥28,600-TAX IN

¥28,600-TAX IN

A new color has been released from the “M1500”, which was sold out immediately when it arrived last time.

The natural color upper is characterized by the soft color embroidery of pink and sax.

The slightly slim and stylish form unique to the M1500 adds class to the sporty impression.

There is also a solid atmosphere where you can feel the craftsmanship of MADE IN ENGLAND.

Slightly voluminous, slightly high-tech feeling,

Like the 990, it also goes well with shorts.

I hope you can check it out in this video.

In addition to the above new colors, the standard GRAY and NAVY are also back in stock.

This M1500 4 colors are

Tomorrow, July 9th (Sat) from 12:00 at PAN store,

It will be on sale at PAN ONLINE STORE from 20:00.

NEW BALANCE new work will be released after a long time.

In fact, we are planning a special release next week and the week after next.

Releases are scheduled for the 9th, 16th, and 23rd, and every Saturday.

It's hard to throw away any item, and it's all highly recommended.

To be honest, even I can't choose...

Since we will release product numbers that we can recommend with confidence,

Please check all items.

In addition, we plan to release new products from various brands, so please look forward to that as well!

We are looking forward to your visit and use!


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