good evening This is Miyagishi.

Today we introduce the NB550 , which will go on sale from tomorrow.

Last time it was a model that arrived last fall, but it was sold out in the blink of an eye.

It's a famous model in collaboration with Aimé Leon Dore and AURALEE.

This time, it is available in 2 colors that are more stylish and more classically updated.





size: US8.5, US9, US9.5, US10, US10.5, US11

¥14,000 (¥15,400-TAX IN)

"BB550" is a reprint of basketball shoes for athletes released in the 90's.

Uses a high-quality full-grain leather upper that feels good on your feet.

It also has the comfort of NEW BALANCE that you can't find in other basketball shoes.

In addition, a combination of natural colored soles that give off a vintage feel. Authentic looks with legacy colors.

It is a pair that has both a classical side and a stylish side.

There is a sense of volume unique to Bash, denim and nylon pants,

Goes great with shorts in the summer.

High versatility because of the simple monotone coloring ◎

It has a calm color tone that is easy to wear even for adults.

There is no doubt that you will be addicted to styling such as shirts and jackets.

I think that you can use it in various scenes.

Since it is already sold out on the NEW BALANCE official website, there is a high possibility that it will become a competition at our shop as well.

The sale will start at 12:00 on March 27th (Sunday) at the same time in stores and PAN ONLINE STORE .

Please take a look.