Moisture shop

Moisture Shop

In September, the temperature starts to cool down, and you can feel the coming of autumn gradually.

Autumn of food, autumn of sports, autumn of art...
It's about this season that it's titled Autumn of 〇〇.

It's the season to be immersed in whatever you do and have fun.
It's a part that also leads to clothes.

yes. For us, "autumn of clothes" has come.

At our store, we receive more new items from each brand every day, and while I feel sorry that there are many items that we have not been able to introduce, if you stop by the store, you may encounter unexpected encounters.

Many brands are already on sale this weekend, and for a limited time only from September 3rd (Sat) to September 11th (Sun)

Sound Sports Kanazawa POP-UP
"Moisture Shop"

will be held at our shop.

Japan-based DJ label Sound Sports specializes in genres such as "House / Techno / Trap / Grime" and is attracting attention as a cutting-edge label.

In this pop-up, we plan to develop gloves, accessories, and T-shirts, including pre-sale sweatshirts.

If it is sold out, we may end it early, so please understand.

And tomorrow, September 2nd (Saturday) from 22:00, we will hold a party at PAJERO to commemorate the opening of the POP-UP SHOP.

I hope everyone will enjoy it as a pop-up prelude.

We are preparing a lot of contents from the first weekend of September, so we are looking forward to your visit.