In line with the anniversary The first is "UM DRIP TEE" designed by MIN-NANO director Goro Nakatsugawa and the unit "Upperlakemob" by graphic designer SHINKNOWNSUKE , the second "Bespoke high-neck...

PAN 2nd Anniversary

Thank you for using PAN.

I apologize for not being able to update my blog.

Last month, February 11th was PAN's 2nd anniversary.

Thankfully, many customers have sent words of congratulations and even made purchases to celebrate.

For this year's anniversary,

The first is

"UM DRIP TEE" designed by MIN-NANO director Goro Nakatsugawa and the unit "Upperlakemob" by graphic designer SHINKNOWNSUKE ,

the second

"Bespoke high-neck sweatshirt" produced by EASTFAREAST as a 2nd anniversary special

I was released in order.

Thanks to all of you, it was very well received and all the products were sold out!

thank you!

(Regarding UM DRIP TEE, we were able to add a few in stock, so we have restocked it. It is sold only in stores, so please let us know when you visit our store.)

And this time , we will release a bespoke T- shirt with ISNESS MUSIC as the 3rd PAN 2nd anniversary commemoration .

size: FREE
¥8,030-TAX IN

The theme of this bespoke T- shirt , commissioned by ISNESS MUSIC , which produces items that incorporate various music and culture into fashion, is



One of the music genres derived from punk rock.

A music genre with a style that emphasizes violence and aggression , eliminating pop and fun atmosphere .

Also, "Hardcore" refers to the pursuit of the essence in various genres, not just music.

We will open in the middle of Corona in February 2021 .

As you know, it was difficult to go out and the economy was not good, so I think many people were far from in the shopping mood.

In the midst of all this, we wanted to blow a new wind in Kanazawa , where there were no foundations , and we have always run forward with our own aggressive attitude.

Regardless of what genre of music you like,

The spirit of HARDCORE has many parts that we sympathize with, and it is a word that we have always said.

When planning this special order, I chose it because I thought it was a keyword that symbolized the most "PAN -like " style.

If anything, ISNESS MUSIC's inline has a lot of pop and catchy words.

In addition, the back print is the initial BIG that has been used since last season's sweatshirt.

With logo.

The PAN logo, which is a proof of special order, is printed small here.

Available in 2 patterns: BLACK x WHITE, a basic color that is easy to pick up , and BLACK x BLACK , a rebellious color that makes it difficult to see the logo .

I wanted to create a stripped-down minimal impression without being too pop, so I made it with only monotone colors.

The body is an inside-out specification similar to the inline, and it is a free size with a relaxing silhouette .

This is a piece that can be worn by both boys and girls, so please wear it in a style that suits your mood.

Here's an image of you wearing it! !

Although it has a strong statement, it is a piece with a monotone and simple design, so I hope that ISNESS MUSIC fans and first-timers will pick it up.

It is an item that is full of PAN-likeness, so it is recommended as a souvenir.

On sale tomorrow, March 11th (Sat) from 12:00,

It will be sold simultaneously at PAN stores and PAN ONLINE STORE.

We look forward to your visit and use.