good evening This is Miyagishi.

Today we would like to introduce the "EYEVAN 7285 FAIR" currently being held.

The first is the brand profile.

ー EYEVAN 7285 ー

EYEVAN started in 1972 with the concept of "glasses to wear" and expanded globally in 1985. EYEVAN's products have not faded even now, and you can feel the high level of skill of the producers and craftsmen and the imagination and strong enthusiasm of the design team at the time in the products and handwritten drawings.

In 2013, after about 40 years, a new design team took over the craftsmanship of EYEVAN, and EYEVAN 7285 is a collection of things that they think are truly beautiful.

The design sources of EYEVAN 7285 are various things such as old glasses, telescopes, hand mirrors, and other old tools collected by the original design team, as well as artificial objects such as buildings that the designer himself saw, and natural objects.

In addition, EYEVAN 7285 products are produced through a combined production process of manual work by skilled eyeglass craftsmen in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, which is one of the world's top eyeglass production areas, and machine-made using the latest machinery. The glasses, which are carefully made over a period of time through about 400 processes, are more modern crafts than industrial products.

EYEVAN 7285 develops high-end eyewear that has been carefully selected among the EYEVAN brands.

There are many regular users in our shop, and there are many people who want repeat purchases.

At this year's fair, we are offering a large volume of EYEVAN 7285, which is usually not available.

We have already launched several items, but at this fair, we have about 50 carefully selected variations from the EYEVAN 7285 archive, and I don't think there will be an opportunity to compare so many at an eyewear shop.

Especially this time, we have a wide variety of sunglasses for summer.

In addition to the popular cell frames, there are also abundant metal frames with a solid impression.

I also use EYEVAN 7285 regularly, and it is essential for driving scenes and when riding a bicycle.

There are two good things about EYEVAN 7285 for me personally.

One point is "All eyewear has a nose pad"

I think you'll either love it or hate it,

As I have a short nose, it often slips off without a nose pad.

Especially when it comes to sunglasses, they are often worn during the season when it is easy to sweat, so they are extra essential.

That said, I didn't really feel like wearing sunglasses with nose pads because the design was so subtle...

However, the EYEVAN 7285 does not interfere with the design even though it has a nose pad. Rather, the appearance of the titanium pads attached to all EYEVAN 7285 is beautiful, and it goes well with cell as well as metal.

It has a vintage atmosphere and gives you a sense of solid and high degree of perfection.

Also, the fit is very good. This is the first brand that fits so well without adjustment, and the comfort of wearing it is a clear distinction from other brands.

At this fair, many people were similarly surprised at how comfortable they were to wear.

Another point is, "The design is high, but the design is timeless."

As you can see in the profile, the design sources of EYEVAN 7285 are not limited to glasses, but also architecture, vintage wear, and telescopes.

Inspired by something other than spectacles, uncompromising eyewear is truly a craft and a work of art.

Eyewear from EYEVAN 7285 shows attention to detail, and although it has a high level of design, it does not have a flashy appearance.

In the end, there are many simple and classical things, and there are many things that have been given to the parts that are casually made, so unless you change your mood, there are many designs that you can love for a long time.

The archive models we have prepared this time are all cool even now, and will not fade even if the times change.

It's a design that you can love for a long time, so I hope that you will bring up the one you like as MY VINTAGE.

Only two days left for this fair.

This is a rare opportunity to choose your favorite one from many variations, so please come and find your favorite one.

*EYEVAN7285 is not sold at the online store. Please feel free to contact us if you have any products you care about.