Good evening, Miyagishi.

Today, PAN LOFT has started handling from this season.

Introducing "ETS.MATERIAUX".

Start with your brand profile.

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Opened in 2003 along Fire Street in Shibuya.
Born in the 4th arrondissement of Paris in 1994, ANATOMICA sympathized with the style, and the brand identity was the history and tradition of European men's fashion, the pursuit of quality and functional beauty.
Even in the midst of the select shop boom at that time, ETS.MATERIAUX was a genius, but it closed its doors after about five years, regretted by many discerning customers.

In the spring of 2021, Ets.MATERIAUX made a new start as a brand under the direction of Keiji Kaneko, who was the buyer at the time.
Mr. Yuya Uta, the designer of "outil" and Mr. Keigo Murakami, the designer of "blurhms", are invited as designers.
Healthy, Comfort, Relax
Based on the concept that "aging leads to comfort and perfection", we will trace the origins of the clothes we need today and redefine the essence of everyday wear.

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Just looking at your profile gives me a lot of hope.

I can't stop being excited when Mr. Kaneko joins hands with the designers of two brands that are attracting a lot of attention these days.

Many of the items that are actually made are based on French military, British, and American vintage items, and many of the silhouettes and specifications are casually arranged in a modern style, and there are many items that are easy to incorporate regardless of style.

A simple but thoughtful design.

It will grow into your own vintage that you can love for a long time without getting tired of it.

There are many such items.

Now, let's take a look at this week's lineup.


Materio 2



¥25,000 (¥27,500-TAX IN)

Created based on the British Royal Air Force officer's shirt, which has a unique and bold length.

It features a round cut with a difference in the front and back, and a silhouette with an outstanding atmosphere when worn alone.

Considering how it looks when you put on a jacket, the hem is rounder than the vintage one, and the design has been brushed up like a work specification. The material is 100/2 cotton typewriter and leaves a clean impression.




The pullover type is sure to be useful in the coming season.

The style of tuck-in is also determined by the atmosphere.

The back hem is not round, but square, so the length is just right.




¥22,000 (¥24,200-TAX IN)

Ets.materiaux classic regular color shirt

In PAN, we dare to prepare only WHITE.

Based on an American work shirt, it has a modern update in the Ets.

The front hem has a round cut design, and the bag design has a square cut design, so it fits both inside and outside the pants.

A piece that can be worn loosely with a slightly longer length.

You can also choose the size according to your taste and mood.





¥30,000 (¥33,000-TAX IN)

BALLON DENIM, a classic release from ETS.MATERIAUX.

Uses 12 oz denim that can be used in all seasons. The wide silhouette jeans of the 90's have a slightly rounded design that can be used regardless of the style.

It's a companion book that you always pick up.



The button fly and rivets make it look just like vintage denim.

(172cm, wearing size 3)

I tried matching it with BRITISH OFFICER'S SHIRT and BALLOON DENIM.

I usually wear a size 2, but this time I wear a large size 3.

This size is recommended when you feel like you want to wear a slightly fuller width.

The length is not too long, so it goes well with loose pants.

When it gets a little warmer, it would be nice to style it with shorts and sandals for a rough look.

(172cm, wearing size 2)

Pants are size 2 and slightly loose.

A beautifully rounded silhouette.

Moderate softness and a sturdy material feel, and the hem is very beautiful.

Of course, it is one without saying that it is comfortable to wear.

This is the end of the delivery for this time, but the lineup that has arrived so far is also full of masterpieces. There are plenty of items that can be used right now, such as denim shirts and sweatshirts.

As the weather gets warmer, many of you should be looking for spring clothes.

We have items that will be the centerpiece of your wardrobe, so please come and try them at the store.