・BoTT x UMBRO collaboration collection ・NEW BALANCE 『ML2002R』


Hello. This is Miyagishi.

I'm usually in charge of PAN brands that LOFT offers.

Today, I wanted to write about the products released this time, so I made an appearance.

Let's get straight to the point,

・BoTT x UMBRO collaboration collection


These 2 collections will be on sale tomorrow, February 25th (Friday) from 12:00 in stores and online.

Thank you very much for your patience.

The details of the product are also posted on Instagram , but I would like to write a little about what I can't write.

First, about BoTT x UMBRO.






The concept of this collection is the fictitious soccer team “Clube de futebol do BoTT”.

It reflects the soccer culture envisioned by BoTT designer TEITO, and is based on UMBRO's archive items. Common to all items, the eye-catching team emblem logo was also created for this collection.

As a football freak like me, this is a very exciting line-up.

The one worn by Beckham in the 2002 Japan/Korea World Cup England national team, and the one worn by Man U in the 90s when they were extremely strong, were all UMBRO.

The tension rises at the point of being an archive of UMBRO, which has really excited the soccer scene,

If BoTT designed it, nothing to say.

I have to buy it now. smile

Based on the UMBRO archive, this product has a classical atmosphere, but it also has a BoTT-like edgy design.

A graphic that combines the barbed wire pattern with the Square Logo pattern, one of the iconic logos, and a multi-colored color scheme.

The finish is full of the essence of BoTT.

Personally, I'm curious about the S/S soccer uniform.

I bought a larger size, and I'm curious about the styling of a layered soccer uniform on a sweat hoodie, long T-shirt, turtleneck, etc.

It would also be nice to dress up the track setup like a British hooligan.

When soccer is involved, there is no shortage of stories I want to talk about,

It's time to talk about NEW BALANCE.

2002R 1

2002r 2

2002r 3

2002r 4

2002r 5

The long-awaited “2002R” has arrived from NEW BALANCE.

This is the pair you've really been waiting for.

I told many people at the store that "2002 is coming!"

However, I personally think it's one of the coolest pair of shoes that I've kept you waiting for.

First of all, what is 2002R?

A heavy upper design inspired by the MR2002, which appeared in 2010 as a Made in USA flagship model, and a high-spec sole equipped with N ERGY and ABZORB, this model has been reprinted in Asia.

Recently, the original colors of gray and black have become popular.

This series is finished in a tonal color that features a classical and eye-catching coloring.

Therefore, it is a pair that allows you to show your individuality while maintaining the familiarity of styling.

As the name suggests, “BLACK FIG” is a color created with the motif of “black fig”.

It looks brown, it looks purple, and it's a color that can't be said in a good way.

There is also a calm impression with a color that has a slightly burnt atmosphere, which is quite a point for me personally.

“GREEN” retains good color development, but it also has a familiar and calm atmosphere. Green items have been very popular since last year, so I think it's the same.

Speaking of NEW BALANCE, I think many people have GRAY, but there should be few people who have this color.

Both colors are the goodness of NEW BALANCE, and are highly recommended for those who want to wear a slightly brighter color while maintaining the good compatibility with styling.

It's also good to match with a sporty sweatshirt or nylon pants.

I think it would be nice to style it with denim for an American casual style like this season.

It's been a little long, but items from both brands will be available tomorrow

February 25 (Friday) 12:00-

Simultaneous sales in stores and online.

Since it is a weekday, many people may not be able to visit due to school or work.

PAN is preparing to be able to shop not only in stores but also online from the day, so please use the ONLINE STORE .

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