blurhms and NICENESS

Thank you so much for coming to our store on the weekend and for purchasing our products.

There was a large amount of arrival from various brands for the three consecutive holidays,

Among them, we would like to introduce new arrivals from two brands that are extremely popular at PAN LOFT: [blurhms] and [NICENESS].

First, from [blurhms/blurhms ROOTSTOCK].





¥47,000 ( ¥51,700-TAX IN )





¥39,000 ( ¥42,900-TAX IN )

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Fleece setup using cotton and silk.

Speaking of fleece, many of them are made of polyester and have a sense of volume, and I think that many of them have an image of being outdoorsy.

This is a fleece fabric that is characterized by its smooth texture, moisture absorption, moisture release, and heat retention, which is unique to silk.

It has just the right amount of volume, and you can wear it with an elegant impression combined with the color.

The top is a snap pullover type that has been created with a three-dimensional pattern as much as possible without shoulder hooks.

There is a concealed zipper pocket on the switching part of the chest, and it is both functional and attractive.

The pants have no side seams and are three-dimensional.

The adjuster on the hem allows you to change the silhouette, so you can use it according to the styling of the day.

There is also a concealed zipper pocket on the hip switching part, giving it a minimalist atmosphere.

I don't think there are many fleece items with such a classy design.

This set-up has no outdoor feel and gives an urban impression, and is one of the recommended items for this season's blurhms.

Of course, it is easy to use even separately, so please try it once.

[ blurhms ]




¥42,000 ( ¥46,200-TAX IN )

This is a crew neck knit made from a blend of baby alpaca and merino wool that is puffy and soft to the touch.

Anyway, it's a soft and light material, so it's a comfortable one to wear.

The surface has been given a napping process that gives it a used feel, giving it a richly expressive impression.

Therefore, although it is a calm color tone, it has a solid presence that is not too simple.

In addition, the long cuffs have thumbholes.

When not in use, it is recommended to fold the sleeve ribs and wear it.

[ blurhms ROOTSTOCK ]


col: BLACK


¥88,000 ( ¥96,800-TAX IN )

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This is a duffle coat that is popular every season at blurhms ROOTSTOCK .

This season, we have a chic impression of BLACK.

Even the toggle is black, making it a casual look.

It features a long length and a well-balanced silhouette.

We use luxury British wool, and heavy melton fabric that is lighter than it looks and has a unique surface and volume.

In recent years, functionality has been emphasized, and warm and light down jackets and short lengths with high mobility have become popular, but aren't you in the mood for a classic coat?

This is a piece that you can wear for a long time without getting tired of it, so we recommend it to those who are unsure about which outerwear to choose this year.

Next, we will introduce the new work of [NICENESS].




¥65,000 ( ¥71,500-TAX IN )

This item is made of camel leather from LOWE-MEDI , which is a standard item that NICENESS continues to produce.

Camel leather is camel leather .

Camel leather is not very familiar in Japan.

I myself learned about it for the first time through this NICENESS collection.

Camel leather is treated as a luxury leather in Europe because the amount of leather that can be collected from one cow is very small.

Since camels live in the desert, In order to protect the body from the harsh environment of intense heat during the day and extreme cold at night, the leather is packed with tissue, making it supple and durable, and is said to be more than twice as durable as cowhide. increase.

Compared to standard horse leather,

Camel has a supple and solid feeling that is unique to camel, and it feels a little stiff when touched.

In addition, because it is finished with an uneven texture, it has a unique shadow and the wrinkles on the surface are also characteristic.

The hose has a very beautiful and elegant impression, but the camel is a little rough in a good way.

It is an item with a slightly vintage atmosphere.

After using it, I'm looking forward to seeing how it changes over time.

At our store, we have a medium size that is one size larger than the standard leather bag LOWE .

⁡The claim is not strong, but it has the presence of a leading role.

Perfect for styling accents.

Please enjoy the unusual LOWE-MEDI with its unique texture .





¥95,000 ( ¥104,500-TAX IN )

A coverall jacket that uses a dead stock tweed fabric called " Galaxy W/S Nep Herringbone " .


Silk color NEP with dead stock kenpi and wool NEP are interwoven in the warp.

Silk pongee is used for the weft, so you can enjoy the NEP feel of silk .

These various colors of NEP create countless petals and galaxies to express the theme of this season's NICENESS.

The characteristics of the fabric are NEP and unevenness unique to silk spinning .

In order to make the most of the characteristics of the fabric, it is made into a three-dimensional product that retains a bulging unevenness by washing the product.

In order to make the most of the vintage-like texture, the coverall type has a 1930s French taste.

By combining water-dyed leather at key points and old-fashioned specifications and fabrics, this dress has a luxurious and classical look.

wearing staff


Another feature of this jacket is that you can roll up the sleeves or raise the collar to create a different look.

In addition, the hem part is cut off.

The fraying that comes out as you use it becomes a taste,

It will become a one-of-a-kind item with a strong presence.

New NICENESS products are scheduled to be posted on the online store at 12:00 on Saturday, October 1st.

Please note that there is no publication when it is sold out.

Also, please feel free to contact us for more details and more.