4th generation in the 1000 series


as the title says

This is the "1000 series" that every New Balance fan would have dreamed of at least once.

This is the 4th generation model.

(There are only masterpieces called "1300", "1500", "1400" ...)

"CM1600" to be released this time

Followed the design and color of the original "M1600"

Made in Asia model.

Continuing from NAVY , which was launched last week

this week is full

The brand signature color GRAY will be released.

col: GRAY
¥16,500-TAX IN

The original " M1600"

It is famous as a model equipped with midsole material " ABZORB " with high shock absorption and rebound resilience for the first time in the 1000 series.


The original model at the time of release was

It was just before the high-tech sneaker boom that was described as a social phenomenon,

Even in street magazines at the time, it was featured as the latest high-tech sneaker from New Balance, and was quite popular.

However, in addition to the futuristic design, many sneaker fans admire the unrivaled comfort of wearing them.

Because the expensive price suitable for the high-end model of New Balance was set,

Only a handful of people actually got it...

And now, 28 years after the original release,

Inherited the specs realized with M1600 and reduced costs with Asian production

CM1600 was born as a pair.

Including the number " 1600" which was greatly numbered on the tongue ,

A small " N" logo embroidered on the upper side ,

Such as the letters " ABZORB" placed on the heel side ,

It features a design full of near-future functional beauty.

Personally, the shape of the sole and the coloring are quite key points.

The material is made of synthetic leather and has a luxurious finish.

While reproducing the details of the original, it also fits the modern atmosphere.

The slightly voluminous sole is classical and fresh.

The color is also a highly versatile GRAY like New Balance,

It is attractive that you can use it without choosing styling.

Release tomorrow

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