for the rainy season

The rainy season is coming soon.

Ladies and gentlemen, how are you preparing?

in the first place,

There may not be many people who make special preparations just because it is the rainy season.

(Especially in Kanazawa, where it rains all year round, people may not care so much.)

Because I usually spend my time without worrying about it,

If you care about it a little, it's surprisingly good.

The season of rain.

Not the gloomy rainy season,

well prepared,

I hope you have a better rainy season than usual.

That's why today we will introduce items for the rainy season.

This time as well, we are choosing from Miyagishi's personal perspective.



col: BLACK

¥18,150-TAX IN

Start with your feet.

The most important point when going out in the rainy season.

If you wear a pair as usual, your socks will be soaked.

If you can

I don't want that to happen.

A pair of shoes equipped with GORE-TEX recommended at such times.

This is a trail running shoe with performance specialized for rough roads.

In addition to the waterproof and breathable performance of GORE-TEX that can be used without worrying about bad weather such as rain ,

The sole is equipped with Vibram Mega Grip to reduce slippage.


The midsole with Fresh Foam X provides excellent cushioning.

This is unique to NB, which really pays attention to comfort.

In addition to this excessive functionality,

I personally feel great with this look.

⁡The GORE-TEX logo on the inside also has a high-tech feel to it.

Shakashaka nylon pants are fine,

I want to match it with shorts soon.


I think a classic pair with a sense of stability would be good,

I want to wear a futuristic and unique pair of shoes.

Also, the most intriguing point is that it's not the NB that everyone wears.

I don't think you'll see many people wearing them in town.

Just like me, he says he doesn't want to be in the same situation as other people.

It is a pair that I would like you to wear.

Although the number has decreased considerably,

You can still choose the size, so please take this opportunity to get it.



col: BLACK

¥63,800-TAX IN

A must when it comes to rain.

light shell jacket.

The thick jacket is already hot,

Just right, light and easy to wear.

Recommended for those looking for such a jacket.

The material used is taslan yarn that feels like cotton.

A special film is laminated on the lightweight taslan taffeta nylon base,

3 layer material created.

Water pressure of 20,000 mm or more,

Moisture-permeable waterproof & windproof

It is fully equipped with functionality just like an outdoor brand.

Contrary to this functionality,

The stripped-down stylish look is also attractive.

As it is simple and does not choose the item to put together,

It can be used in combination with various styles.

It also has a large hood, so

No need to worry about sudden rain.

Wearing a hood quickly in the city and walking around without worrying about the rain

Isn't it cool?

Eyelets as a substitute for ventilation under the armpits.

A hem part has a big zip,

Although it is an anorak, it is made to be easy to put on and take off.

The lining is made of solid mesh.

It also ensures good ventilation,

It's perfect for the upcoming damp season.

Because it is packed with functionality

It is sure to come in handy not only in the rainy season, but also in all seasons.

Considering that, this time

Using the rainy season as an excuse,

It might be a chance to enjoy some shopping….!

Originally, there is an item that I would like to introduce a little more,

Around here this time.

Please enjoy shopping at the store and online store .

Let's have a good rainy season this year! !