Long-awaited GORE-TEX

Final game in July.

How are you all doing?

Those who have made various great deals at SALE.

Those who have been shopping for the next season as soon as possible.

Those who are unable to buy anything as a result of wondering what to buy.

I think it's ten people and ten colors.

If you think that the weather has been hot for a long time, the weather is like a reversal of the rainy season,

There are many times when I get lost in what kind of clothes I should wear.

In such an unstable day,

A pair that is sure to be a success, and will be released tomorrow.

size: US8, US8.5, US9, US9.5, US10, US10.5
¥24,200-TAX IN

I have told you about it in my previous blog.

The long-awaited GORE-TEX model is the 3rd release of NEW BALANCE 3 laps in a row.

The ML2002R, which is popular with every release, has a GORE-TEX specification.

What's more, the upper and outsole are designed with a vintage-like finish that creates a unique atmosphere.

A pair of unspoken shoes is born by pursuing further functionality and design of the popular model.

The combination of navy and brown on the charcoal gray upper with brown and uneven processing is the coolest.

Personally, I really like the coloring that reminds me of the model "M2040" that was released before.

Moreover, if it is equipped with GORE-TEX and can be used regardless of the weather,

It's the best word yet.

The color has a strong dullness, so it is an exquisite color that you don't have to choose too many items to match.

Like this time, the styling with shorts is good to emphasize sneakers,

It looks beautiful and goes well with black or gray slacks.

It is recommended not only for the current season, but also for the autumn and winter seasons.

The sale will start at stores from 12:00 on Saturday, July 23rd.

Sales at the online store are scheduled to start at 20:00 on the same day.

(If all items are sold out at the store, we will post it as SOLD OUT. Please understand.)

This time, we have received many inquiries in advance, and there is a high possibility that it will be sold out early.

We recommend that you come to the store as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you at our store this weekend.


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