Recommended for summer. Pants

Recently, the number of days with summer-like weather has increased, Even at stores, more and more people are looking for THE summer items such as T-shirts and short-sleeved shirts to...


Thank you very much for the great popularity of the EYEVAN 7285 FAIR that was held until the other day.

Also, everyone who purchased it will use it a lot from this summer,

I hope you will take care of it so that it becomes MY VINTAGE.

Recently, the number of days with summer-like weather has increased,

Even at stores, more and more people are looking for THE summer items such as T-shirts and short-sleeved shirts to keep them cool.

In particular, the men's team has a small range of items to wear,

More and more people are wearing simple summer outfits such as "pants in T-ichi".

As the number of items is small, the importance of the main T-shirt increases, and it is important to strengthen the variation.

However, for me personally, pants are a high priority for summer styling.

Equivalent to a T-shirt. Or more than that.

(Maybe accessories are just as important.)

Compared to T-shirts, there are many points to be concerned about, such as silhouettes, colors, textures, and details.

I think that pants can change the impression of styling by 180 degrees depending on how you match it.

Pants are so important.

Especially in the summer when you wear sandals, the range of combinations is wide,

I think it would be nice to have variations like T-shirts.

So, from Miyagishi's point of view, we will introduce recommended pants for summer.

This time, we decided to go with a T-shirt (short-sleeved top), so we decided to remove the shorts and select only the full length.

Start with standard denim.





¥19,800 (TAX IN)

Wearing size 32/172cm

*This product is not sold at the online store.

For product details, please contact us via DM.

Baggy jeans made as standard at BLACK EYE PATCH.

Even though it is called a baggy, it has a slightly loose-fitting silhouette with a slightly tapered hem, making it a very versatile piece.

This silhouette is quite exquisite, and when paired with a T-shirt, it is really well-balanced. I can't help but pick it up.

It's not too big and has just the right amount of looseness to create a relaxing atmosphere, so it's perfect for the hot summer season.

Also, compared to other denim, the length is just right, and basically it feels better without any alterations.

The back pocket also has a BEEZ-EYE-P graphic that represents BLACK EYE PATCH, and the casual statement makes it easier to use.

I don't really have a choice of shoes to match,

Personally, I'm in the mood for classic sneakers like Reebok with less volume.

Because it is a standard denim pants, I would like you to choose one that you are particular about.

Next, one that features an exquisite color.

Ernie Palo


col: GREEN


¥19,800 (TAX IN)

Wearing size 48/172cm

Ernie Palo's standard baker pants are arranged with PAN bespoke.

It can be called adult version Dickies, and it is one that combines work feeling and good quality.

All season specification of cotton polyester material.

It's a tough material that can be used, so it's recommended for summer when there are more active scenes.

In addition, the coloring is exquisite anyway, adopting a military-like army green color like a deep olive.

As it is the color underwear with the assertion well,

Not only can you show your individuality when you match it with a monotone T-shirt such as white or black,

Surprisingly compatible with colors ◎

Especially when combined with pale tones and ash colors that are common in summer,

The adult olive color gives you a moderate calmness.

The front pocket unique to baker pants,

A little accent for a simple T-shirt style.

Because it is a book with a beautiful impression with a center press,

Relax in these sandals .

I would like to add some roughness in a good way and create a holiday atmosphere.

Finally, this year's most recommended cargo pants.

Product Twelve


col: NAVY

size: 2

¥46,200 (TAX IN)

Wearing size 2/172cm

Spring/Summer cargo pants in cotton linen from Product Twelve.

A high-density twill material is used, which is a mixture of 80/1 cotton for the warp and 80/1 French linen and 2/100 (hair count) silk for the weft.

So, as a face, I leave a solid military feeling,

When I put it on,

"Oh, something soft and easy to wear",

"Breathability is better than it looks and it's cool",

You can feel the comfort of wearing it.

Eliminate the side seams for a pajama-like feel,

There are various ingenuity such as deep 2 tucks on the front to make it more relaxing.

In fact, military pants have a sense of volume,

As there are moderate claims such as side pockets,

The compatibility with Tichi's simple style is very good.

Sandals and summery leather shoes (CLARKS, deck shoes, etc.) are already the best.

But if it's something that has a pretty solid and authentic atmosphere,

It's surprisingly hot in the summer and hard to wear...

I think it is a book that solves such a disadvantage.

It has an elegant finish with just the right amount of luster, so it feels great without being too rough.

If these pants were to remain,

It depends on what I'm aiming for.

The rainy season is about to start,

I think it's never too early to prepare for summer.

If you are looking for a T-shirt,

If you are looking for something else,

Please take a look at the summer pants together.

You should be able to find a book that you will surely like.

We are waiting for you at our store and online store.