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New ZINE ".OWT." by Photographer Shingo Goya

OWT (out) is British English slang, meaning the same as anything or something,
A word used in some parts of the country.
If you read it backwards, it becomes TWO (the number 2),
By connecting the two with a period, it has the meaning of "something between two people", which is also the theme of this magazine. ⁡

The first is Geoff McFetridge, a world-famous graphic designer.
Shooting at his studio, there was a wonderful space and time full of kindness and compassion in the place where many wonderful works were created.
In this magazine, we publish the work production scene, the works scattered in the studio, etc.

The second is Mitsuko Toshiba.
Needless to say, skateboard filmer.
The world is unique and unparalleled, and the edgy part of street skating is multiplied. Fixed-point photography of fragments of footage that Mitsuko Toshiba has seen and thought,
It also introduces his collection of works.

Please feel the joy of turning the pages with this magazine, which is mainly composed of photographs.

In this magazine, we do not use mass-produced machine binding, but carefully bind each book by hand.
Paper misalignment and rubbing can be seen, but it is also done by hand