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The " 71/01 " has been revived for the first time in about 30 years in titanium as an updated version of the classic metal type " No.710 ".

While omitting the decorative arabesque patterns of the time, the design is unique.

The bridge design has been remade into lightweight titanium, bringing it back into modern times.

In terms of details, the thick front is unusual for a metal frame, with a front and side

The combination of glossy and matte textures creates a deep, three-dimensional effect.

In addition, the temples and other parts have a ribbed design that gives a glimpse of their solidity.

The design is also carefully crafted. The lenses use two curves, a remnant of the glass era.

Lens curve: 2 C

Material: Front titanium, temple beta titanium

Visible light transmittance: 69%